Inspiration isn’t hard to come by with the world wide web at our fingertips, but sometimes we need to step outside the box of conventional thinking and examine some more unusual sources of inspiration. By stretching beyond the tried and true, inspiration becomes fresher, more effective and leads to better design.

Here are some sources and examples of sources of graphic design inspiration that might help your designs reach the next level of unique expression.


Scientific photography provides us with some bizarre, unusual and beautiful images.


While everyone suggests nature as a source of inspiration, there is value in getting out and getting green. Looking beyond the back yard helps widen horizons and open us to new ideas and creativity.

Getting out into nature helps loosen tension and provides inspiration.


Looking at art from years past can offer insight and perspective.

Vintage prints and illustrations can provide new ideas and cultural insights.  Picture-book illustrations can provide a wide array of artistic styles and images.


When all else fails, looking at objects and situations from a different angle or point of view can open up new ways of seeing.

Sometimes it’s all about perspective.


A different point of view can change your whole outlook.